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We are located at 1800 Argyle Street, Halifax, NS B3J 3N8

Light House Arts Centre, 3rd Floor, Suite #317

(Previously the Trade and Convention Centre)


Front Door- there are steps in the front, leading up to the glass doors and a ramp to the left of the doors. There is two sets of glass doors with wheelchair buttons on both single doors to the left. 

Side Door/ Service Canada Entrance- located near the scotia square street corner entrance

If you take this entrance, follow the ramp to the left and take the pedway (long hallway) until you reach the elevators and press 3rd floor. 

Scotia Square Connected Pedway - *** CURRENTLY AVAILABLE*** 


When you enter the Light House Arts Centre main lobby (which is the 2nd Floor) there are 3 elevators. Press one of the two possible UP arrows, one elevator will arrive to the 2nd floor indicated by a green light appearing above one of the elevators. When the door opens, enter the elevator (the doors tend to close quickly but if you put your hand out between the doors it will stay open), and press 3rd Floor. The elevator will take you upstairs to the 3rd floor. 


When you get off the elevator, you will see a wavy grey wall with a way-finding sign. Go left towards the grey (window) door. *When you register for our classes you will receive the code*, otherwise, it will be held open during Drop-ins, Shows, and Public Events. Once you've gone through this door, walk down the colourful pedway towards the second (code*) door with a window. Once you go through this door, turn right. Our studio is located in Suite #317, there is a Spontaneity Improv Co. white sign handing outside of our studio and our door is painted yellow with our logo. 









There are 4 washroom options- all with stalls (All Gender Neutral). The first two are located to the left of the second code door on the 3rd floor, along the yellow/ orange wall. These include, stalls/ toilets, urinals, wheelchair stalls, baby change tables. 

The second set of two washrooms is at the end of the hallway where the Spontaneity Studio is located. These include, stalls/ toilets, wheelchair stalls, baby change tables. 


There is a water fountain at the end of

the hallway where the Spontaneity Studio

is located, it has a water bottle fill-up

spout and drinking spout. 


The Spontaneity Studio comfortable max capacity would be 12-15 people. The studio has a 3 person couch, multiple seating options, and wooden performance blocksThere are available fidget toys in a basket, a fan for air flow and cooling the space down. There are vents in the ceiling that lead outside and there is hand sanitizer by the door. If you are feeling unwell, we encourage folks to stay home. There are stage lights that could be bright for some performers. In the studio we usually have snacks that are free for folks who need them and we encourage folks to bring their own water bottles and stay hydrated while practicing improv. Cubbies for you things. 


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